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How to get to Zihuatanejo


Zihuatanejo is located in the municipality of José Azueta in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific Coast of Mexico about 240 km (approx. 144 miles) northwest of Acapulco. The modern tourist resort of Ixtapa is only 5 km away.

By Bus

If your flight arrive at the Mexico City Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez, the main gateway to the country) and if you're taking a taxi, to the Bus Terminal to get to Zihuatanejo, be sure to purchase your ticket at an official airport taxi counter marked transportación terrestre (ground transportation), located just after the baggage area in national arrivals and in the concourse area (leaving customs to your left) in international arrivals.

Within Mexico, buses are the most popular way to travel: you can board ultramodern, superdeluxe motor coaches that show U.S. movies and serve soft drinks, coffee, and sandwiches.

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By Car

Recommended from Mexico City - Routes "Autopista Del Sol" (60% of the total distance to our resort is through toll-way) or "Autopista Siglo XXI" (90% of the total distance is toll-way); total traveling time is very similar for both highways (about 8 hours).

How to get to Barra de Potosi from Zihuatanejo

Is a small beachside village which is nestled at the southern end of Playa Larga beach and about 20 minutes south of the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa airport and 35 minutes drive from the seaside fishing village of Zihuatanejo.

NOTE: We advise that one-person stay in the taxi with your luggage and/or you get the drivers full name and the Taxicab number.

By Airplane

Ixtapa Airport is about 17 minutes from the city by car. You may find direct flights from Canada and the US, especially during the tourist season. (November-April)
Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo International Airport. Tel. (755) 554-5408, 554-2070

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