olumbus failed to find the riches of the Orient on which he had set his heart. Instead, shortly after his second landfall in the New World, on the island of Cuba, he came across a race of Indians contentedly smoking tobacco leaves roughly rolled into
a shape the called "Cohiba" but we would call a cigar.

So what is it that makes Havanas so very special?
A lot of things. A unique blend of sun, soil and skill. Painstaking attention to detail. Stringent quality control. A refusal to rush or to cut corners. Above all, a wealth of human skills at each step in the many stages it takes to create a Havana cigar.

That was way back in 1492. Five centuries later smoking a Havana is universally recognized as a supreme form of pleasurable indulgence. Over the years many attempts have been made to emulate the delicacy of flavor of Cuban grown tobaccos. None has succeeded.

Considering the magnificent cigars production, Francisco Ibarra Rivera has for you the best Havanas Cigars that you can order or buy directly at La Perla Restaurant we have adapted a walk-in- humidor filled maturing room made of Spanish red cedar. Humidity 65% to 70% Temperature 70º F
A cigar too dry smokes hot, fast and unevenly; to moist will be hard to light and even harder to puff…




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