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Zihuatanejo Ixtapa Troncones & Barra de Potosi are sister destinations located in the State of Guerrero, Mexico on the Pacific Coast in the area known as the Mexican Rivera.

All are serviced by the Zihuatanejo International Airport. Each of these unique beach vacation spots is located within a short drive of each other.

Shops and Boutiques in Zihuatanejo

Anfibios Surf Shop - Anfibios is a full service surf shop.offering Surfboard sales and rentals, repairs, surf trips to all the best breaks in the area in a luxury, air-conditioned, 4nd Nissan Xterra. Board bags, fins, leashes, wax, bodyboards, surf shorts, shades and a complete line of casual clothing and shoes as well as skateboards, trucks and wheels. Anfibios is an outlet for the best mexican surfboards, Orozco surfboards, made in Ensenada Mexico. 100% Mexicano!...

Don Francisco's Havana Cigar Selection - A large selection of Cuba's best. So what is it that makes Havanas so very special? A lot of things. A unique blend of sun, soil and skill. Painstaking attention to detail. Stringent quality control. A refusal to rush or to cut corners. Above all, a wealth of human skills at each step in the many stages it takes to create a Havana cigar.

Tequila Por Favor - In Casa Tequila you can find the broadest and most exclusive selection of tequilas and our walk-in humidor keeps origine guaranteed world famous Havana cigars.

Bodega Aurrera - Blvd. Paseo de Zihuatanejo Pte #25. Fuente del Sol, Zihuatanejo.

Comercial Mexicana - Paseo de la Boquita #sn, Col. Industrial, Zihuatanejo.

Elektra - At the intersection of Avenida Morelos and Calle Benito Juarez.

Merzapack - Cocos #17B, Centro. Zihuatanejo.

Merzapack - Catalina Gonzalez #7, Centro. Zihuatanejo.

Sams Club - Paseo de Zihuatanejo Oriente #15, Fuente del Sol. Zihuatanejo.

OXXO - (Convenient Store, similar to 7-Eleven). Many locations

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